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    Hospital Pavía Santurce
    Santurce, PR
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Hospital Pavía Santurce

Executive Director: Lcdo. José L. Rodríguez
Medical Director: Dr. Rafael Rodríguez Servera
For more information, visit the website of the hospital here.

Hosp. Tel. 787.641.1616

About the Hospital

In 1926, prominent Puerto Rican surgeon Manuel Pavía Fernández established the Clínica Manuel Díaz García. Dr. Pavía ran the clinic until his passing in 1940. In 1945, the clinic became Hospital Díaz García. It wasn't until 1948 when, after several modifications in its services, that it became Hospital Pavía.

As the institution's Medical Director, Dr. Pavía Fernández was guided by his belief in the importance of spiritual support in the physical healing process. To this end, Dr. Pavía managed to have a group of nurses from the Misioneras Dominicas del Santo Rosario Congregation help patients that were in the hospital back then. This is how he managed to create a profoundly spiritual feeling to the institution's daily life.

The Hospital's transformation began in 1954. The fifth floor, a wood and zinc structure with Spanish balconies, was changed to a cement structure. This allowed for modern facilities and a capacity increase of 90 beds. The rooms that previously held eight to ten beds were remodeled. They were turned into semi-private bedrooms.

In 1985, United Medical Corporation acquired Hospital Pavía de Santurce. This enterprise changed the hospital's administrative structure. It began establishing itself as a facility on the forefront of healthcare. Hospital Pavía de Santurce became the first hospital in Puerto Rico to carry out cardiovascular procedures.

On August 12, 2006, a new era began at the Hospital. Hospital Pavía Santurce purchased it, then becoming a key affiliate of the Metro Pavia Health System, the largest institutional group dedicated to healthcare in Puerto Rico. The new administration, breathed new life into the 80-year-old hospital. Presently, Hospital Pavía Santurce has a 247-bed license. The Hospital offers supra tertiary and tertiary services. Without a doubt, it is one of the Puerto Rican community's leading hospitals.

With the desire of having our services achieve a major competitive advantage within the hospital industry, Metro Pavia Health System began and completed several important projects. Among them is the construction of a broad and modern Emergency Room (tripled in size), the parking tower with a 500-car capacity,

a modern Clinical Laboratory, and Imaging Department that is entirely digital, and a new inpatient area with over 50 additional beds.

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